A-level Physics Equations Flashcards

Flashcards are a useful and effective way to revise things like equations and definitions. I know that a large part of the usefulness of flash cards is in the process of making them, but there are some students who will simply not make the effort to make their own. In an attempt to help such students, I’ve made this document which contains all the AQA A-level Physics equations (and a few definitions), compiled by topic. The idea is to use this resource for a revision activity – the “slides” can be cut up and shuffled, then given to students to put into correct pairs. After you’ve checked they’re correct, students can then stick the slides onto card to make a set of flash cards. Hopefully, students will then go on to make flashcards covering the rest of the course material.

If you want to save on the photocopying and cutting out, you can ask students to write out their own flashcards after they’ve put all the slides into pairs.

Another way of using these might be to give them only the first half of each flash card and get students to complete the other side for homework.

The PowerPoint presentation I used to make this can be used in presentation mode as a set of on-screen flashcards, so you could provide the students with this too or use it in class as a quick revision activity.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvements.

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