Recipes for Wonder School Assembly

“I have just gone around the school and the children are just buzzing from your wonderful visit.  It has been an amazing opportunity to inspire our children”

– Joanne Cox, Willowbrook Primary School, Brentwood

Alom came to our school to help to promote reading and science in our school. His suitcase full of experiments gave the children the awe and wonder that, I’m sure, will produce physicists and chemists of the future! Alom has also helped to give our children, who speak a range of 39 languages, the inspiration to aim high for their own futures. A fantastic visit I would highly recommend.”

– Penny Ogden, Lead Practitioner, Greeenbank Primary School, Rochdale.

“Our students were so energised by Alom’s workshop. Each one left with their curiosity about the world around them well and truly fired up. His brilliant approach – withholding simple answers and instead focussing on asking the right questions – had our young people thinking like scientists. Wondrous indeed!

– Matthew Harvey, Marymount International School, Rome.

What is science? What do scientists do? How can children do real science at home? These are just some of the questions I answer in this assembly for primary schools as I share my passion for science through a series of spectacular demonstrations of scientific phenomena using household materials. Based on the ideas in my book Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder, this assembly is the perfect way to get the whole school enthused and engaged with science.

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Mr Shaha's Recipes for Wonder


I've taken a bunch of projects from conception through to completion and can project manage as well as create. This is the bit where I try to convince you I'm good at what I do - click on any of the boxes below and judge for yourself.

  • Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder

    Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder


    Learn about sound by making wine glasses sing, investigate chemical reactions with vitamin-powered rockets, and explore Newton’s Third Law by making balloon-driven cars. All you need are a few simple items from your kitchen cupboards — and the power of curiosity! Every child can be a scientist with the help of Mr Shaha and his […]

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  • ExpeRimental



    A project with the Royal Institution encouraging parents and teachers to do simple science activities with children.

  • The Young Atheist’s Handbook

    The Young Atheist’s Handbook


    This is a book for anyone who thinks about what they should believe and how they should live. It’s for those who may need the facts and the ideas, as well as the courage, to break free from inherited beliefs. In this powerful narrative, Alom Shaha shows that it is possible to live a compassionate, […]

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  • Science vs Magic

    Science vs Magic


    Science vs Magic is a live science show that combines stunning demonstrations of both “magic” and science, but ultimately aims to convince even the most avid Harry Potter fans that science can beat “magic” hands down when it comes to delivering excitement and wonder. As part of the show, I perform some of the most […]

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  • Demo: The Movie

    Demo: The Movie


    This film follows science teacher Alom Shaha as he goes on a journey to explore the use of demonstrations in science teaching. The film tells an interesting story and is primarily intended to encourage secondary science teachers to think about how and why they use demonstrations in their teaching. We hope that it will stimulate […]

  • Why is science important?

    Why is science important?


    In this film, I set out to uncover a genuinely satisfying answer to my students’ most common question: why is science important?

  • Just a theory

    Just a theory


    I wrote and produced this animation at the Royal Institution tackling the common misconception that a scientific theory is simply a guess.

  • Physics demo films

    Physics demo films


    I believe that online video is an excellent medium through which to provide teacher CPD. These videos were developed and produced to help science teachers with the effective use of demonstrations as part of their lessons. Most of the films were made with my friend Jonathan Sanderson of StoryCog: