How To Find a Rainbow

“This charming story can be read on two levels – that of two sisters in search of a physical rainbow and that of emerging from a gloomy emotional episode and beginning to find joy again.  It offers scope for investigating the science of rainbows (as well as instructions for creating one) , but also helps young readers understand that even if siblings or friends don’t like the same things, there are still ways to come together” – Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian at The Bottom Shelf

“The story of two sisters, Reena and Rekha, searching for a rainbow in the Himalayas, is more than an adventure; it’s a celebration of South Asian heritage and wildlife, showcasing characters and scenarios that children from the region can identify with. Shaha’s mission to blend science and art as creative endeavors shines through this narrative, offering both entertainment and educational value” – Maria Alejandra Trujillo at BNN Breaking


TEACHERS! This is a book that will let you explore all sorts of themes with your students – backyard science, the natural world, sibling relationships, accepting differences and holistic learning. Download the teachers notes here:

Below are some colouring pages sheets and activities to accompany the book:

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