Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder

Learn about sound by making wine glasses sing, investigate chemical reactions with vitamin-powered rockets, and explore Newton’s Third Law by making balloon-driven cars. All you need are a few simple items from your kitchen cupboards — and the power of curiosity! Every child can be a scientist with the help of Mr Shaha and his recipes for wonder.

Why does the…?
What is…?
How does the…?

About the book

The Young Atheist’s Handbook

Young Atheists Handbook cover (UK)

This is a book for anyone who thinks about what they should believe and how they should live. It’s for those who may need the facts and the ideas, as well as the courage, to break free from inherited beliefs. In this powerful narrative, Alom Shaha shows that it is possible to live a compassionate, fulfilling, and meaningful life without God.

What if no one’s watching?
What if when we’re dead
We are just dead?
What if it’s just us down here?
What if God is just an idea
Someone put in your head?
– Ani DiFranco
About the book