Mr Shaha’s Marvellous Machines

“It absolutely needs to be in every home and classroom and library. The future belongs to makers.”children’s author, Rashmi Sirdeshpande

This gorgeous book celebrates the sense of accomplishment found in making something for yourself”The Guardian

“We suspect ‘Mr Shaha’s Marvellous Machines’ will prove a lifeline for parents of children who love to learn and who may otherwise become restless during the holidays. The author’s gently encouraging voice is sure to nurture the creativity and scientific curiosity in young minds everywhere.” Entertainment Focus

These are my ‘marvellous machines‘, simple instructions for building toys which fly, spin, whizz, and pop. The book provides clear, step-by-step instructions for over 15 projects and encourages children to enjoy, and learn from, the process of improving upon the given designs .

Most of the “machines” can be made from scrap materials because I want to promote recycling and re-use, and to spread the message that we don’t have to be buying new stuff all the time. Instead we can make our own, and learn about engineering and science at the same time..

Whether you’re a master engineer or a total beginner, I hope Mr Shaha’s Marvellous Machines will spark inspiration for fun activities to engage young people in the marvels of machinery.


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