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Soapy Surfer

This is perhaps the easiest “machine” to make in the book and is a dramatic demonstration of the effect of soap on water. EXTRAS: written instructions and the science of how the soapy surfer works can be found in this piece I wrote for BBC Focus Magazine. Click here for an article on why washing your hands with soap is better for killing viruses than using just water or alcohol-based wipes or handwashes. Below is a video I made with the Royal Institution in which the comedian Rufus Hound shows his son… Read more Soapy Surfer

A-level Physics Equations

Here’s a word document with most of the equations used in A-level Physics so you can cut and paste them instead of writing them out in Word’s equation editor every time. Please let me know if you spot any errors.

Black History Month 2018

Every year, I send out a tweet asking UK sci-commers what they’re doing to mark Black History Month (BHM), and every year, I get the same lack of response which tells me that no-one is doing anything. This year, I don’t want to just send out my usual tweet because I suspect all it really accomplishes is to make a few more people in sci-comm dislike me. So, for the past few months I have been talking to lots of important, influential people who I think could make things happen… Read more Black History Month 2018

Simple Projectile Motion Demonstration

One of the most important (and perhaps most counter-intuitive) ideas students need to grasp when learning about projectile motion is that the horizontal and vertical motion of a projectile are independent of each other. There are some lovely ways to demonstrate this, including the classic monkey and hunter demo, but here’s a quick and easy way to convince students of this if you don’t happen to have a brilliant technician:  

STEM Scholarships for Undergraduates

Most universities will have their own scholarship / bursary schemes and students should search for them for the universities they hope to attend. The Scholarship Hub seems to be a really useful website for this. Here’s a list of other scholarships / grants which A-level students may want to look into (I’ll be updating this post as I stumble across other useful links): The Ogden Trust – scholarships for 6th Formers studying Physics and Physics undergraduates Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship (women) – £1000 per year for 3 years of degree IET… Read more STEM Scholarships for Undergraduates