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The Year of the Book

It feels like my life has been revolving around “The Young Atheist’s Handbook” since I first conceived of it, back in the spring of 2009. It hasn’t taken this long to write, but it has taken this length of time for it to go from an idea to a real, physical book (although I have yet to hold an actual printed copy in my hands). I know I’ve been lucky and that it can take much longer for a writer to have his or her first book published, but it… Read more The Year of the Book

Physics Demonstration Videos

Thanks to the generosity and support of The National STEM Centre and the Institute of Physics, Jonathan Sanderson and I, working with the legendary textbook writer David Sang, have recently completed a batch of videos aimed at sharing classic Physics demonstrations with teachers around the world. You can watch and download the films from here. We hope to be making more of these films later this year, so watch this space for updates.