Powers of 10 / Our Place in the Universe

This classic film is a work of art that just happens to lend itself quite nicely to a bit of KS4 Physics.

“The film starts with a sleeping man at a picnic and every ten seconds, the camera moves ten times further away, measured in meters. When we get to the edge of the known universe, the journey reverses and we get ten times closer with each image. We enter the sleeping man’s hand and go deeper and deeper until we finally reach the level of a quark”.

Below is an embed from youtube, but you can also see the film, and learn more about its history, at its official site.

The film below was my own attempt at making a similar film, albeit on a budget that was many factors of ten smaller…

Pressing the “HQ” button on the youtube player will really improve the viewing quality of this film. For some reason, this button only appears after you’ve initially hit the play button.

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