Mr Shaha’s Make-along

Alom came to our school to help to promote reading and science in our school. His suitcase full of experiments gave the children the awe and wonder that, I’m sure, will produce physicists and chemists of the future! Alom has also helped to give our children, who speak a range of 39 languages, the inspiration to aim high for their own futures. A fantastic visit I would highly recommend.”

– Penny Ogden, Lead Practitioner, Greeenbank Primary School, Rochdale.

Mr Shaha’s Make-along is an online practical workshop for Primary Schools who want to engage their students with science and engineering. The author of Mr Shaha’s Marvellous Machines will beam into your school through the app of your choice and, with the help of your teachers, deliver a unique cross-curricular event involving hands-on activities as well as the opportunity for your pupils to interview an author.

Mr Shaha will talk to your pupils about how and why he wrote his book, why “making” is something that’s important for all of us to do, and how we can help make the world a better place if we recycle and reuse materials instead of just buying new things all the time. As part of the workshop, pupils will make their own toys from scrap materials and learn a little about the science and engineering behind how they work.

The best bit? Mr Shaha won’t charge for this event if your school purchases copies of his book for your pupils from a local independent bookshop.

If you want to book this event for your school, email alomshaha(at)gmail(dot)com

“His passion for doing science is infectious as is his mission to help parents develop their children’s questioning skills.  Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder workshop was a highlight of our partnership programme for primary schools this year and is highly recommended.”

– Christina Astin, Head of Partnerships, The King’s School, Canterbury.