Lab Reports

SCIENTISTI’m a science groupie – I get the same kick out of hanging out with scientists that music groupies do when they meet their favourite bands. I’ve had conversations with people who must be amongst the smartest, most interesting people on the planet – from physicist Prof. David Deutsch to psychologist and former parnormal researcher Dr Susan Blackmore. It’s one of the best things about doing what I do.

I’ve met scientists working on everything from particle physics to neuroscience and I’ve been priviliged to work with a number of them – helping to communicate their work to the public. Below are some examples of work I have done with scientists – I like to think of them as video “lab reports”. You can see more at my youtube channel, sciencefilms (press the “HQ” button on youtube to get the best viewing quality for the films). If you’d like me to make a film for you, get in touch.

Brian CoxBig Bang v2.0 Prof. Brian Cox takes us on a tour of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva – the biggest, most complicated machine ever built. In this film, Brian and other CERN scientists explain what results they hope will emerge from the most exciting scientific experiment of our time.

Infinity of PrimesAn Infinity of Primes Mathematician Prof. Marcus du Sautoy plays football and explains Euclid’s proof that there are an infinite number of prime numbers. This was the first film Marcus and I made together. We went on to make a TV series about mathematics.

Shapeshifter Cell Biologist Dr Jenny Rohn explains her work investigating why cells have the shape they do.

Space Rock Astronomer Dr Francisco Diego explains how a rock from space can tell us where we come from and why that’s important to know.

Alchemy Materials Scientist Dr Mark Miodownik explains how modern science has made the dreams of alchemists come true. Cycling along the banks of London’s River Thames, he also tells us why the ages of civilisation have been named after materials and why we clearly live in the Silicon Age.

TARA LAB PICB is for Beauty This is a film about the LHCb experiment. The LHC is the Large Hadron Collider, the biggest particle accelerator ever built, and the “b” stands for “beauty” – the name of the quarks that the LHCb detector will try to find. This is just one of a series of films I made with Dr Tara Shears about her work.

Periodic Table (small)Danger – Chemist at work Dr David Rowley of the University College London Chemistry Department talks about his work and why it’s important to understand the chemical reactions that take place in the Earth’s atmosphere. This is one of several films I made about the UCL Chemistry Department.

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