Mr Shaha’s Wonderful Workshops

“Alom’s mission is to help parents and carers become their child’s first science teacher, and the event did not disappoint.”

British Science Association, London Branch.

Alom came to our school to help to promote reading and science in our school. His suitcase full of experiments gave the children the awe and wonder that, I’m sure, will produce physicists and chemists of the future! Alom has also helped to give our children, who speak a range of 39 languages, the inspiration to aim high for their own futures. A fantastic visit I would highly recommend.”

– Penny Ogden, Lead Practitioner, Greeenbank Primary School, Rochdale.

“His passion for doing science is infectious as is his mission to help parents develop their children’s questioning skills.  Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder workshop was a highlight of our partnership programme for primary schools this year and is highly recommended.”

– Christina Astin, Head of Partnerships, The King’s School, Canterbury.

Doing hands-on activities with children is the best way to get them exploring the world around them and thinking like future scientists and engineers. However, many parents lack confidence in doing science with their children, compared with reading, writing or drawing. In this one hour workshop, teacher and author of Mr Shaha’s Recipes for Wonder Alom Shaha shows how parents can help their children engage with science even if they have little or no science knowledge themselves.

Alom believes wonder, in both senses of the word, is at the heart of science. As part of the workshop, he demonstrates some of the wondrous natural phenomena that you can investigate in your own homes, and provides the opportunity for you to try out some exciting activities yourself. Alom’s “recipes for wonder” and “marvellous machines” will help children and parents see how to take the step from “wow!” to “how?” and start looking and thinking about the world like scientists and engineers. 

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