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Supermagnetic beads – a new demo?

If you’re a science teacher, you’ll probably have to teach separation techniques to at least one class at some point in the year. I’m sure you’ll have taught the arts of filtering, distillation and chromatography endless times, but here’s a separation technique I’ll bet you’ve never seen – and one that will make an excellent short demonstration in class when teaching this topic: This wonderful little film was made by Dr Jim Caryl.

Free Science Videos

There has been lots written on the benefits of using video for teaching science, much of which seems to make the same couple of points animations and other forms of visualization can help get across difficult concepts such as the behaviour of particles or cells we can use videos to show experiments and demonstrations that we couldn’t otherwise do. My own view is that, where possible, we should use videos to supplement rather than replace live demonstrations. However, most science teachers will have had the horrible experience of a demonstration… Read more Free Science Videos