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Month: July 2012

YAH on Tour

Lots of lovely people have asked me to give talks about the book so I will be travelling round the UK hoping to meet readers over the next few months. The list below provides details of the events I’ll be speaking at: 31st July Cheltenham Skeptics in the Pub (SitP) 9th August Book Barge, Barton Marina, Staffordshire 16th August Reading SitP 18th August London, Housman’s Bookshop 21st August Edinburgh SitP 25th August Talk for the “Ancestors’ Trail” in Somerset 27th August Greenbelt Festival 28th August Cambridge SitP 30th August Hampshire… Read more YAH on Tour

Bringing Home the Bacon

If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that I give over quite a few pages to the significance of bacon in my life. Here’s a short film made by my friend Barry Gibb which explains why eating bacon for the first time was, for me, a liberating rite of passage:

Lessons from the Young Atheist’s Handbook

As you’ve probably gathered if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I’ve been relentlessly trying to build up interest in my book over the last few months in the hope that people might buy it when it’s finally released in the UK on July 19th. Not sure how successful my efforts have been (I suspect they’ve been pretty futile) but I’ve particularly enjoyed making this series of short videos which summarise what I think are the key “lessons” from the book. The films were animated by Jack Kenny and… Read more Lessons from the Young Atheist’s Handbook