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Month: February 2012

I cannot write

It’s been nearly six months since I finished my book and I haven’t really been able to write since. I’ve sat down many a time at my desk and found the tap that had flowed so gushingly last summer, blocked and barely dripping. I’ve spent the last couple of days surrounded by other writers and I have been inspired by them and their stories. I have felt driven to write, yet I find I cannot. I cannot write of Holly and Michael, kindred spirits I have encountered far from home,… Read more I cannot write

And so it begins…

A friend of mine I spoke to on the phone last night pointed out that this time next week, I will be a published author. My book will be in shops and people I’ve never met before will be able to read what is ultimately an incredibly personal story. A book that started out as a straightforward factual “handbook” for people new to atheism has, for what I now think are very good reasons, ended up as a personal narrative of how and why I came to reject the religion… Read more And so it begins…

Australia, here I come!

People keep asking me “how come your book’s being published in Australia first?” The answer is simple: the lovely Australian Henry Rosenbloom, was the first person to not only say he liked the idea of my book, but also to put his money where his mouth is and agree to publish it. I owe a huge debt to Henry and am delighted to be travelling to Australia to help launch the book – I hope other Australians will respond to it as positively and generously as Henry did. I’ll be… Read more Australia, here I come!