Science vs Magic

Playing Cards.jpgScience vs Magic is a live science show that combines stunning demonstrations of both “magic” and science, but ultimately aims to convince even the most avid Harry Potter fans that science can beat “magic” hands down when it comes to delivering excitement and wonder. As part of the show, I perform some of the most amazing illusions used by magicians, involving transformation, teleportation and mind-reading, and reveal how they can all be done “for real” using Science. The show also examines the parallels between magic and science which may explain why so many scientists are fascinated by magic and why, ultimately, science is a much more rewarding activity.

In terms of curriculum content, the show is really about “how science works” and also features a lot of material relating to particles and the behaviour of light.

Ri logo - JPEG.jpgThe show was developed in partnership with The Royal Institution and is now part of their programme for Schools. I’ve also performed the show at the Cheltenham Science Festival, the Otley Science Festival and for the 2011 UCL Chemistry Annual Demonstration Lecture.

Dr Andrea Sella, of University College London wrote: “I thought yours was a fantastic talk - brilliant premise, brilliant execution, very solid story line, excellent comic timing, great examples, and your energy level was up there at the deranged level. Unquestionably at Top Cheltenham standard. I loved every minute”.

Tom Whyntie, a CERN Physicist tweeted the following message after seeing the show at The Cheltenham Science Festival: “Science vs Magic my favourite at #CheltSciFest. Great demos, crucial message, but above all @alomshaha is a phenomenal showman”.

The show works well for adults as well as children.

Email me at alom.shaha (at) if you want to make a booking.

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