As well as scripts for quite a few TV programmes and short films, I have written articles for a number of print magazines as well as several online publications, including Guardian Online, The Times, New Humanist, and various blogs including Physics Focus and sciencedemo.org. Below are some examples of my writing:

Science, Faith and Religion:

Why non-belief needs diversity

Islam’s Evolution Problem Can Islam and evolution be reconciled? I meet the scientists who are trying to do just that. Feature article for New Humanist magazine.

Defining yourself by what you don’t believe seems pointless

Faster than light story highlights the difference between science and religion

Faith in Science is Not Enough: A piece for the Guardian’s Comment is Free site about why education must be at the heart of science communication, or else we are simply asking people to ‘believe’.

King of the Universe: A piece for The Times Science Blog in which I argue that the word “insignificant” is misused by those who talk about our place in the universe.

No More Lies: Feature article in New Humanist magazine about how and why I wrote my book, The Young Atheist’s Handbook

We Need To Talk About Islam: Article for Index on Censorship about how fear of “offending” Muslims may have stopped some publishers from publishing my book.

Christmas should be for everyone, even Atheists This is a piece about my love of Christmas and why I’m glad that people from all backgrounds embrace 25th December as a special day.

God in the Classroom: A piece for the Guardian’s Comment is Free site about how good science teaching inevitably challenges the religious beliefs of some children.

No, I don’t believe in God: Another piece for the Guardian’s Comment is Free site about my atheism

Sceptical about Skepticism: Piece for the Guardian Science Blog questioning “skeptics” and the role of the “skeptic” movement.

Thank God (and Richard Dawkins) I’m no longer an “angry atheist”: A piece for the Guardian’s Science Blog in which I argue that it’s important for atheists and “skeptics” to think about the tone they use in their campaigning.

Where are all the Black and Asian Atheists? A piece for The Guardian’s Comment is Free in which I argue that the atheist and sceptic movements need to do more to support atheists from minority communities

Why we Need Humanist Churches I make the case for Humanist Churches in a piece for New Humanist Magazine.

Wrestling with pigs

Science Education

Is practical work in science lessons largely a waste of time? A piece for the Guardian’s Science Blog looking at research which suggests that the effectiveness of practical work carried out in science lessons could be much improved.

Films that help parents bring science home to their children

Don’t ban mobile phones in schools, let students use them all the time A piece for The Independent Blogs in which I argue that schools and teachers should embrace the fact that students bring their mobile phones into schools and allow their use as learning tools.

Real Science in Science Lessons is Rare A piece in which I argue that there should be more opportunities for children to carry out genuine scientific experiments, where they ask their own questions and find their own answers.

Where have all the passionate physics teachers gone?: A kind of love letter to Physics teaching, written for the Guardian’s online “Notes & Theories”.

Science in Schools: Do all students need to stand on the shoulders of giants? A piece for The Independent Blogs in which I ask whether we really have a convincing argument for making all students in the UK study science up to the age of 16.

How Science Works isn’t Working: A piece for the New Scientist “S-Word” blog about the failings of the “how science works” aspect of the national curriculum

Is the science curriculum serving the needs of future scientists?: An article for The Times in which I argue that the current national curriculum for science is failing all our students.

Credit where credit’s due: A piece about the usefulness of metaphors in science and why we should remember the people who come up with them.

Good effort, could do better: My verdict on free educational science videos on the net.

Other stuff

Where’s the Female Brian Cox?: A piece for The Guardian’s Online Science section in which I argue TV needs a high profile woman science presenter in the same league as Prof. Brian Cox.

The Serious Pursuit of African Science: An article about the importance of supporting and developing scientific research in Africa.

Bring back the nightmares: A piece in which I lament the demise of anti-nuclear literature.

Book Review: Radical by Maajid Nawaz

Skincare Myths: A summary of the nonsense in skincare adverts.

My kids think I’m a boffin: How the stereotype of ” the mad scientist” lingers in schoolchildren’s minds

The Lab Reporters: My take on what “science communicators” do, and what they should do.

New Horizons: An article about the emergence of science TV on the web.

Painting with Numbers: A review of the movie Proof and of a “mathematical photography” exhibition.

Why is Science Important?: An interview about the making of my “Why is Science Important?” project

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