Bringing Home the Bacon


If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that I give over quite a few pages to the significance of bacon in my life. Here’s a short film made by my friend Barry Gibb which explains why eating bacon for the first time was, for me, a liberating rite of passage:


Hi Alom, loved the video-made me smile (a bittersweet kind of smile but at least it was guilt free if not fat free) remembering how I converted to bacon and ham. Then I started going out with Christian girls and it was all over for me. One of the starkest examples of hypocrisy amongst my Muslim friends and family was revealed one day, sitting in a pub, drinking beer with some of them as they sat with their girlfriends (whom they were sexually active with) and being chastised for ordering a bacon sandwich. It's obviously more haram than other things...I will have to grab a copy of your book. Thank you for being brave enough to be an 'apostate'.

Watching that video made me realize it's time for lunch. I think it's time for a bacon sandwich! Cheers.

Thanks for sharing the big choice you have made, now I am hungry :-)

Bacon is my favorite breakfast food, I love making breakfast burritos. The video makes me hungry for breakfast.

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